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  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2022

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These algorithms are designed to solve Geometric Problems. They requires in-depth knowledge of different mathematical subjects like combinatorics, topology, algebra, differential geometry etc.

For Example: Comparing Slopes of two lines, Finding Equation of a plane etc.

Topics :

Lines :

Triangle :

Rectangle | Square | Circle :

  1. Find if two rectangles overlap
  2. Check if four segments form a rectangle
  3. Check whether a given point lies inside a rectangle or not
  4. Minimum Perimeter of n blocks
  5. Number of rectangles in N*M grid
  6. Find Corners of Rectangle using mid points
  7. Coordinates of rectangle with given points lie inside
  8. Total area of two overlapping rectangles
  9. Program for Area And Perimeter Of Rectangle
  10. Program to find Perimeter / Circumference of Square and Rectangle
  11. Program for Area Of Square
  12. Number of unique rectangles formed using N unit squares
  13. How to check if given four points form a square
  14. Paper Cut into Minimum Number of Squares
  15. Program to find area of a circle
  16. Non-crossing lines to connect points in a circle
  17. Circle and Lattice Points
  18. Queries on count of points lie inside a circle
  19. Check whether a point exists in circle sector or not
  20. Pizza cut problem (Or Circle Division by Lines)
  21. Minimum revolutions to move center of a circle to a target
  22. Angular Sweep (Maximum points that can be enclosed in a circle of given radius)
  23. Check if a line touches or intersects a circle
  24. Check if a given circle lies completely inside the ring formed by two concentric circles
  25. Area of a Circumscribed Circle of a Square
  26. Path in a Rectangle with Circles
  27. Area of square Circumscribed by Circle
  28. Count ways to divide circle using N non-intersecting chords
  29. Find the center of the circle using endpoints of diameter
  30. Program to find area of a Circular Segment
  31. Program to find smallest difference of angles of two parts of a given circle
  32. Arc length from given Angle
  33. Area of a Circular Sector
  34. Find minimum radius such that atleast k point lie inside the circle
  35. Program to find Circumference of a Circle
  36. Check whether given circle resides in boundary maintained by two other circles
  37. Check if two given circles touch or intersect each other
  38. Count of obtuse angles in a circle with ‘k’ equidistant points between 2 given points

3D Objects :

Quadrilaterals :

Polygon & Convex Hull :

Misc :

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