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How to prepare for Infosys – The Complete guide

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021
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This article provides an insight of “how to prepare for infosys” from beginning to end. 

Question Paper Structure 

  • Online Test.( Duration – 95 Minutes.)
  • Three Sections.
  • Sectional Cut-off applied, No Negative marking.
  • Sections are to be completed one by one, can’t switch in between.
  • Auto saved once stipulated time is up for each section.
  • Can be switched into next section before stipulated time if the section is completed.
  • Attempt all Questions,Choose same answer option for unsolved/unknown questions.


  • Section – 1 (Quantitative Ability) –  Mathematical Critical Thinking, 10 Questions 35 Minutes
  • Section – II (Analytical Ability) – Reasoning, 15 Questions 25 Minutes
  •  Section – III (Verbal Ability) – English Communication, 40 Questions 35 Minutes

Section – I (Quantitative Ability)  To test Problem Solving and Analytical skills. 

  • Time consuming, higher difficulty questions.  Focus is more on Numbers and Advance concepts like Permutation and Combination, Probability.
  • Few questions from topics like Time and Work, Time Speed and Distance.
  • One or two Crypt arithmetic Questions.
  • Other less important topics are: Mensuration, Ration & Proportion, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Cube & Cuboid,  Analytical  Puzzles (like seating arrangement).

Section – I: Strategy 

  • 50 % of questions need in depth understanding of the concept and hence difficult.  Remaining 50% questions can be solved with sufficient practice.
  • Choose less time consuming 6 Questions and attempt with-in the first 15 minutes. Out of 6, 3 to 4 are very easy which can be solved in less than 5 Minutes.
  • Remaining 4 Questions can be solved in excess 20 Minutes. Expected Cut-off is 6 – 7 correct answers.
  • Key is to identify the 6 less time consuming questions.

Section – II (Analytical Ability) 

  • Key areas are: 
    • Data Interpretation (Bar Graph,Table Chart, etc.)
    • Data Sufficiency,
    • Syllogism/ Logically Following Questions.
  • Other areas are: 
    • Data Arrangement.
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Puzzles.

Section – II: Strategy 

  • Attempt Individual questions first, like questions from Syllogism, Data Sufficiency,Visual Reasoning and Puzzles. These questions doesn’t have common data to be solved and each question might take a maximum of 2 minutes to solve and a majority can be solved in less than a minute.
  • 9 such questions can be with-in first 15 Minutes.
  • Then attempt Data Interpretation, leave Data Arrangement to solve at last.
  •  Expected Cut-off is 10 – 11 correct answers.

Section – III (Verbal Ability) 

  • Consists of two Reading Comprehension Questions (2*5 = 10 sub questions). The remaining 30 questions are from the following topics.
  • Sentence Correction/Sentence Improvement/Spot the Error (Approx 10 questions).
  • Sentence Completion Filler (underlined a part of sentence and asked to insert correct phrase in it from given 4 options) (Approx 7 questions).
  • Critical Reasoning/Theme Detection (Approx 6 questions).
  • Fill in the blanks covering Grammar, One word substitute, Preposition, Idioms/Phrases etc (Approx 7 questions).

Section – III: Strategy 

  • Attempt Sentence Correction or Error Spotting and Vocabulary first. Next go for Reading Comprehension.
  • If you get a short passage better attempt it at the end because the questions will be tougher
  • Attempt lengthy passage first.
  • Don’t try to read and understand the passage completely.
  • You can comfortably attempt only the direct questions with-in 5 minutes and take a chance in the other type of questions since there is no negative marks.
  •  Last type of question is Critical Reasoning and try to attempt such 5 to 6 questions with-in 10 Minutes.
  • Expected Cut-off is 20 correct answers.

Sectional Cut-off Marks 

  • Infosys maintains a standard 65% cut-off marks on each test during any training.
  • Same can be expected on Section – I & Section – II.
  • Actual cut-off is depends on the institute, which is determined by the Infosys itself.

Gradation of Institute 

  • Record of Previous selected candidates.
  • Performance of the alumni of the institute at Infosys – major factor.
  • Percentage of students leave Infosys after completion of training.
  • Percentage  of  students  leave  Infosys  after  completion  of  1  year  of service

Cut-off Secrets 

  • Cut off is actually determined on the spot based on the gradation of the institute and performance of examines.
  • Cut – off may vary from 50% to 70% on Section – I & II

It is almost 90% you completed for getting selected at Infosys if you clear the first round (Online Aptitude Test) of Infosys. 

This article is contributed by Sanket Basu Roy. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. 

Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above

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