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MTX Group Visited our Campus (University Of Engineering and Management Jaipur) in Sep 2021. Role: Salesforce Developer, QA, and Full-Stack Developer There were Basically 5… Read More
I am a Final Year CSE Student from NIT. Recently IDFC First Bank came to our campus for hiring Application Engineer. Students of CSE and… Read More
ROUND 1: This round was a coding round. The coding was conducted online. The test consisted of 6 questions.  2 questions on arrays (Exor sum… Read More
Microsoft came in April with its Engage 2022 program. Eligibility Criteria:  2024 Pass outs , Btech in CSE and Circuital Branches Selection Procedure:  The first… Read More
This was an On-campus hiring process conducted by Amazon for the role of Quality Assurance Engineer for the year 2022 There was an online assignment… Read More
Joseph, Kieran, Nancy, Adam and Trevor are five members of a family having birth dates from January to May, each member in one of the… Read More
In this article, we will learn about DNS Enumeration and the process of DNS enumeration with a practical approach. Domain Name System(DNS) is nothing but… Read More
Personal access tokens (PATs) are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to GitHub when using the GitHub API or the command line. You can… Read More
Generally, when we come across a graph problem, we might need to traverse the structure of the given graph or tree to find our solution… Read More
In my 4th year, I gave an interview on AMAZON for the SDET Role. My interview went for 1 hour. Firstly I was not able… Read More
Writing a resume in high school or college as a fresher somewhat seems like a tedious job, especially when you lack experience and also don’t… Read More
Virtusa visited our college in July 2022. It was an On-Campus recruitment drive. There were two roles: Regular Coder  Power Coder  It consists of 3… Read More
Bajaj Finserv visited our campus on 3rd august 2022 in which almost 2000+ have been shortlisted for the 1st round. There were 4 rounds. 1st… Read More
Courses Allowed: B.Tech. – All circuital branchEligibility: 7.0 CPI and aboveJob Location: Pune/Bangalore Online Round (90 min): There were 3 questions. Two medium questions and… Read More
Recently Wells Fargo visited our campus for Full-time Hiring, which consisted of Total 4 rounds : Online Test 2 Technical Rounds 1 HR round The… Read More
What comes next when you finish your graduation? The ultimate goal is to get a handsome job to add more charm to it, right. So,… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to find the minimum number of operations required to reduce all three elements of the… Read More
Given a string S of length N and an array of queries A[] of size M, the task is to find the final string after… Read More
Jainism is a word derived from the word “Jina” which means liberator or victor. This religion talks about liberation, spiritual purity, and enlightenment through nonviolence.… Read More
Given an arr[] of size N and an integer, K, the task is to find the maximum possible value of MEX by adding or subtracting… Read More

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