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Category Archives: Geometric

Given 2d integer array arr[][] containing N coordinates each of type {X, Y}, the task is to find the minimum number of straight lines required… Read More
Given an integer N denoting the perimeter of a rectangle. The task is to find the number of distinct rectangles possible with a given perimeter. … Read More
Given a rectangle [(x1, y1), (x2, y2)] denoting the coordinates of bottom-left corner and top-right corner whose sides are parallel to coordinates axes and N… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N where arr[i] is in the form [xi, yi] denoting a point (xi, yi) on a 2D plane. The… Read More
Given source (X1, Y1) as (0, 0) and a target (X2, Y2) on a 2-D plane. In one step, either of (X1+1, Y1+1) or (X1+1,… Read More
Given that Concentric circle of radii 1,2,3,4……….N cm are drawn. The interior of the smallest circle is colored white and angular regions are colored alternately… Read More
Given N points in K dimensional  space in a 2D array Points[][], where 1≤ N ≤ 105 and 1 ≤ K ≤ 5. The task… Read More
Given two integers L and B representing the length and breadth of a rectangle and a coordinate (X, Y) representing a point on the cartesian… Read More
Given N points on a 2D infinite plane, where each point represents the center of a circle initially having a radius of 0 which expands… Read More
Given an array arr of size N where each element represents the length of a side, the task is to find the maximum perimeter quadrilateral… Read More
Given an array arr[][] consisting of pair of integers denoting coordinates. The task is to count the total number of rectangles that can be formed… Read More
Given an array arr containing N coordinate points in a plane, the task is to check whether the coordinate points lie on a straight line… Read More
Given 3 arrays X[], Y[], and T[] all of the size N where X[i] and Y[i] represent the i-th coordinate and T[i] represents the time… Read More
Given an array, lines[] of N pairs of the form (i, j) where (i, j) represents a line segment from coordinate (i, 0) to (j,… Read More
Given the area of a square inscribed in a circle as N, the task is to calculate the area of a circle in which the… Read More

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